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Mikalor Safety Collar for Worm-Drive Clamps, Collarín de seguridad para abrazadera Mikalor, Sicherheitskragen für Schellen Mikalor, Collier de sécurité pour collier de serrage Mikalor, Collarino di sicurezza per fascette, ASFA L, ASFA S
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The best Accessories for your ASFA Hose Clamps from Mikalor

Safety Collar for ASFA L and S Worm-Drive Clamps

The Safety Collar is an ideal solution which prevents the screwdriver from slipping out of the slot in the screw while tightening. It is easy to assemble and extremely useful. The slot is easily accessible while the collar helps to hold the screwdriver in place. Available in two colours, red and blue, which help to identify the material quality of the clamp (Red: W1 and W2 - Blue: W3, W4 and W5).

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