PPAP Certificate: Ensuring Excellence in every Mikalor Hose Clamp

This article is a detailed overview of what the PPAP certificate is and how it is a guarantee of excellent results for our customers.

In today's industrial world, quality and precision are essential to ensure customer satisfaction and production efficiency. At Mikalor we understand the importance of delivering the highest quality products, which is why we are proud to be PPAP certified.


What is PPAP?

The PPAP, or Production Part Approval Process, is a set of procedures and techniques used to verify that the supplier meets all design and technical requirements set by the customer and that these requirements have been properly understood. PPAP is mainly used in the automotive industry, but its application has spread to other sectors due to its effectiveness in ensuring product quality.

PPAP as Production Part Approval Process

Levels of PPAP

PPAP submission requirements are generally divided into five classifications or levels:

1. PPAP Level 1:

This level guarantees the delivery of parts along with an appearance approval report, ensuring that the parts shipped meet expectations in terms of appearance and quality.

2. PPAP Level 2:

In addition to the parts delivery guarantee, this level includes limited back-up data and drawing inspection results, providing a more detailed view of the manufacturing process.

3. PPAP Level 3:

This level provides a parts shipping guarantee with full supporting data, drawing inspection results, IMDS (International Material Data System), process control plan and flow chart. In addition, laboratory and functional results, process capability, capability study, gauging study and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) can be included to provide a comprehensive view of product quality and performance.

4. PPAP Level 4:

Similar to Level 3 PPAP, but without shipping of parts

5. PPAP Level 5:

This level includes all aspects of Level 3, but also provides laboratory and functional results, aspect approval report, process capability results, capability study, process control plan, gage study and FMEA. This comprehensive assessment ensures the highest quality and reliability of the final product.


Why is PPAP important for Mikalor and its customers?

For Mikalor, PPAP is not just a technical process, but an essential tool that guarantees the excellence of our products and services. It ensures that every component and product that leaves our facilities meets the highest standards of quality, design and functionality.

PPAP as Production Part Approval Process

Benefits of PPAP for Our Customers:

  • Quality Assurance: PPAP ensures that Mikalor products meet all customer requirements and specifications.
  • Transparency: We provide our customers with a detailed overview of the production, inspection and quality control processes.
  • Trust: By following a rigorous PPAP process, we demonstrate our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Commitment to Excellence and Quality at Mikalor

At Mikalor we pride ourselves on our dedication to excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction. PPAP certification is a vital tool in our manufacturing process, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality products. We invite all our customers to rely on Mikalor's quality and commitment, backed by the rigorous standard of PPAP certification.

For more information on our quality processes and commitment to excellence, please contact us or explore more articles on our blog.