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Hose Clamps: Materials and surface treatments

We manufacture a great variety of hose clamps in different materials and with different surface treatments. Here is a brief overview

Different material types


Steel: Steel is one of the most commonly used materials in the manufacture of hose clamps and clips. A surface treatment is always used to protect the metal from rust, at least on a short-term basis. Steel hose clips and clamps are used in interior applications and in applications where there is little risk of corrosion. Mikalor manufacture several clamps from this material, eg. The one and two ear clip ranges, the AAL wire clamp and Super W1


Galvanized steel: This type of pre-treated steel is very commonly used in order to avoid corrosion or oxidation caused by humidity or environmental pollution. The advantage of this material is that it combines the strength of steel with an extended lifespan. Several of our clamps are manufactured using this material, including the ASFA W1 range and AGD W1 P-Clips.


Stainless steel: Stainless Steel is an alloy containing steel and an important quantity of nickel and chrome.  Stainless steel is required by a variety of sectors, eg. Foodstuffs, Marine etc. Its use is also recommended for outdoor applications or in corrosive environments.


Which grade of stainless steel should be used in each application? This depends on the requirements of each different sector. The grade of stainless steel depends on the proportion of nickel and chrome in its composition. At Mikalor we have different ranges of clamps in different grades of stainless steel, perfectly adapted to customer needs. Examples include Supra W2/W4/W5, Stainless Steel W3 and W4 P-clips, ASFA W2/W3/W4/W5 and so on.


Titanium: Titanium is a much less commonly used material with excellent corrosion resistance.  It also offers a great advantage over conventional materials in that it is much lighter than stainless steel.  For this reason, the ASFA-Ti clamp is favoured by motorsports teams, aeronautical and subsea customers and is widely used in the chemical sector, especially when in contact with acids. 


Typical Surface treatments:


Aluzinc: Aluzinc is an alloy of aluminium and zinc which is frequently used as a surface treatment in order to prolong the lifespan of Steel clamps. We have several clamps with this surface treatment like the Normal mini-clip.


PTFE: This polymer is used to seal the surface of the ASFA-Ti titanium clamp. The use of PTFE improves the performance of the clamp, reduces friction, improves the corrosion resistance, and impedes cathodic corrosion. 


Electrolytic zinc-plating: This treatment offers excellent protection from rust and helps to prolong the life of the part.


Brugal: We use this organic low-viscosity surface treatment to lubricate the screws we use on our clamps.