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Maximum tightening speed

When we decide to apply a clamp, whatever the diameter, the model, the material, etc., the clamp is used.

When we decide to mount a hose clamp, whatever the diameter, model, material, etc. There is a very important aspect that we must keep in mind: The screwing speed. This will prevent such issues as the screw breaking, seizures due to overheating, waste of time in chain productions and, above all, a bad application that may result in leaks.


The time required to tighten a metal hose clamp in production cycles has a very relevant influence in workstations and saves time. However, this does not mean that we can tare screwdrivers with non-recommended values, usually above what is specified, to gain time in tightening the clamp.


In the Mikalor catalogue you will find all the required specifications for most of our hose clamps. The tightening value is expressed in RPM (revolutions per minute). To give an idea of the screwdriving speed for Mikalor medium and high-pressure hose clamps, we can say that a speed of 540 (+ - 5) RPM is recommended.


A metal hose clamp always plays an important role in an application, because an assembly mistake that does not meet the expected requirements, can lead to important wastes of time, high maintenance costs and claims as well.