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What are the advantages of Titanium?

Find out here all the features of our titanium clamp

Mikalor manufacture a unique titanium clamp, the ASFA Titanium, which was specially designed for high-performance and racing cars. It also has applications in the marine, offshore, aeronautical and chemical industries.


Titanium is a metal with exceptional characteristics, which add great value to the industrial sector.


Hardness: Titanium is extremely hard, making the ASFA-Ti the strongest clamp in the market. This type of clamp has a higher density than standard steel clamps, which is ideal for high-performance applications.


Durability: Titanium has a very high melting and boiling point, making it an ideal solution for applications involving high temperatures. It has very good resistance to almost all kinds of acid and corrosive substances, making the ASFA-Ti clamp much more durable than the competition.


Weight: Despite being extremely hard, titanium is 60% lighter than steel and 40% lighter than aluminium. This makes it suitable for applications which require a light but very resistant material.


Ductility: Titanium clamps are highly ductile. This means that they can take a great deal of pressure without breaking.