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Clamping force

For clamps incorporating a screw or bolt, it is necessary...

For clamps incorporating a screw or bolt, it is necessary to apply tightening torque using a torque wrench for the clamp to work correctly.


What is torque?

Tightening torque is the recommended force to use when tightening the screw or bolt on a clamp or other type of application to always ensure leakproofness.


It is also important to point out that this value may change, depending on the type of clamp and the hose or coupling on which the clamp is assembled


What should we consider?

When considering torque, it is important to take into account other factors that can affect its effectiveness. For example, the presence of oil or grease will reduce the tightening force, completely distorting the recommended values.


It is therefore always important to assess the specific conditions of each application and adjust the tightening torque accordingly.


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